Gordon P. Hemsley



These blogs are currently active and may be updated.

Gordon P. Hemsley
My main blog, where I talk about my current developmental activities around the Web.
Stream of Controversy
A place where I post rants that may be offensive or in disagreement with common opinion.
Long Beach, New York
A place where I blog about local stuff.
Nothing to See Here: The Biennial Musings of Gordon P. Hemsley
My personal journal. Most of the important entries are locked and only available to friends.


These blogs are no longer active and are listed here for archival purposes only.

Three Months Ago (Last Updated: )
An anonymous blog where I forward-dated entries to three months in the future. All entries are password-protected and contain very candid thoughts and memories.
Current Status of Gordon P. Hemsley (Last Updated: )
A blog that I had used to keep my family apprised of what I was up to during my first semester away at college.
In My Life (Last Updated: )
A very short-lived sequel to my original blog.
A Day in the Life of a Teenage Programmer (Last Updated: )
My first official blog, which was a steady mix of teen angst and amateur Web development.