Gordon P. Hemsley


My Sites

In addition to the site you are currently visiting, I also own and operate some more specialized sites.

YourSASHA (2008–present)
The commercial host of my Student Assignment, Scheduling, and Homework Assistant. Do your assignment organizing in the cloud!
Long Beach Radio (2005–2008)
This was an idea for a local online radio station that mostly failed to get off the ground. It was a lot harder for this stuff back in the days when YouTube was new and streaming was difficult.
A Link to the Past (2003–2007)
The Super Nintendo's The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past will always hold a special place in my heart. That's why my first major website was one devoted entirely to the game. I was never able to bring it quite to the caliber I had wanted to, but it was still my labor of love throughout my middle school and high school years. (And the fact that I created the website around the same time that the game was rereleased on Game Boy Advance was a complete coincidence—I never owned that system.)

Other Sites

These are sites that I helped create, develop, or manage. I am not responsible for their content.

Adam Kontras, 4TVs, and The Journey (2009–present)
I help the first and longest-running video blogger out with his website when he needs it. (He does most of it by himself, though, using a really old WYSIWYG program that outputs scary garbage HTML.)
University of Vermont (2008–2009)
During my last year at UVM, I was on the web team there. I wasn't directly involved in the new design of the school's website, but I did help to maintain it after it was unveiled.
Long Beach Public Library Youth Services (1998–2001)
Back when both I and the Internet were young, I helped develop the website for my local library's youth services department. Since then, they've removed my name and changed things around, but the fundamental design is still the one I helped create over 10 years ago.